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5 August 2011

Yusaku Hanakuma Ukulele Designs

Jiu-Jitsu Designer Ukulele

Before you go suing me Yusaka... this is only a bit of fun!

You will remember my recent acquisition of a Skylark Ukulele. You might also remember my love of Tokyo Zombie and the artwork of the comic. I decided to put it all together and had this crazy idea that I might pimp my ukulele Yusaku Hanakuma-stylie.

Tokyo Zombie Designer Ukulele

Like I said... it's just a bit of fun. The pictures here are a ham-fisted mock up.

Let me know which one you like best. I'll add more if I do any more...

Tokyo Zombie Star Designer Ukulele

Tokyo Zombie Mount Fuji Designer Ukulele

Martial Arts Designer Ukulele

Death Life Designer Ukulele

Red Theatre Designer Ukulele


  1. Hello. Would you consider creating and selling one of these for me? Thanks!

  2. I'd love one myself Kathryn. Unfortunately, I'm not skillful enough to make one. I wish I was! Thanks for commenting and let me be the first to say that you've got excellent taste. Big cheer for Yusaku! As a matter of interest... which one's your favourite?

  3. I'm going to hijack this comment.. Red theatre is my favourite :)

    Also how do you know that anonymous is called Kathryn? Or were you hoping for a very lucky stab in the dark?

  4. Sounds like a Kathryn don't you think? Actually, we talked over email. Kathryn's favourite was the Jiu-Jitsu design. I like the Jiu-Jitsu design, and I like the Red Theatre design. But which one's better? There's only one way to find out... FIGHT!

  5. I can totally do this, King, provided I have a decent-resolution version of the artwork. (sorry to hijack a hijacked thread, but I was checking the archives out)

  6. Hijack away Thiago. We need more hijacking around here. How would you do it?

  7. Oh my God! These are magnificent! It would be great ıf you create for the others, not just for yourself :( Wonderful creations, congratulations! Have fun ***

  8. Thanks Elçin. All the credit should really go to Yusaku. Let's hope that I can pull this off.

    [In case you've stumbled across this comment and are wondering what I'm talking about... check this out...]